Assessment Roll

"O - SO - ONT - GEH"

Meaning 'Place of the Turkeys' was the Native American
name for Darien according to the
Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois Confederacy.

Old Town Hall New Town Hall


Darien was established as a separate town on February 10, 1832.  The first annual town meeting was held on April 3, 1832 at the tavern of Stephen King .  The original Town Hall was added onto the highway garage in 1982; the addition which brought all the town offices to the town hall was completed in 2002.

Darien Town Board

Welcome to the Town of Darien!  Located in Western NY, in the County of Genesee, Darien is a small town populated by 3,061 people according to the 2000 census.  The town was founded in 1832 and over time has become a beautiful, laid back and well spaced community.

Darien is conveniently located just minutes from the Pembroke entrance to the NYS Thruway and is just about the half way point between Buffalo and Rochester.  Darien is bordered by Erie County to the west and Wyoming County to the south.  The topography ranges from undulating to hilly the further south you travel.  In total, the town is made up of 47.6 square miles.


Darien is a bit unique in the sense that the children of the town could be in one of four school districts depending upon their place of residence.


Attractions include the Darien Lake State Park and Darien Lake Theme Park.  The state park is about 1846 acres in size complete with recreation areas and a beach on a 12 acre man made lake.  Hunting and fishing in the park is permitted in season, with a permit.


Thank you,
Darien Town Board