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Current Status 
           The Town Board approved a resolution authorizing the formation of Water District #6 by permissive referendum.  Legal petitions were filed with enough signatures to support a referendum vote.  Date of the referendum vote is TBD.
           Map, Plan and Report was revised November 30, 2018

Project Area & Description 
            All areas not currently served with public water
            Project costs are borne by district users on a unit cost basis
            Includes 375,000 linear feet of water mains
            Includes one storage tank, supporting pumping stations and upgrades to the existing pumping station
            Will service approximately 776 or more residential households within the Town

Cost of Public Water to a typical single family household
            $1275.00 per Year (equal to $106.25 per Month or $3.49 per Day) 


 1. Debt Service

                  - Cost of design & construction of the water lines (at the road), water tower, and booster pumps.
                  - Cost added to County Tax bill
                      - design & construction lower than budgeted
                      - additional grant funding received
                      - additional new users (e.g. new homes) connect to the water lines

2.   Water Usage
                  - Paid to Monroe County Water Authority (MCWA) quarterly
                  - Cost determined by number of gallons used multiplied by MCWA water rate
                  - County surcharge at $0.60 per 1,000 gallons added to County tax bill

3.   Property Owner’s installation of Water Line to Structure and Connection Fees
                  - One time cost in first year of service
                  - Property owner pays for installation typically by hiring a private contractor
                  - Connection fees set and are paid directly to MCWA

Comparable Costs
         Elba Water District #2 (recently formed) - $1,035 (approximately 2/3 the size)
         Batavia S W Water District (formed 2016) - $1,091
         Oakfield Water District #4 (formed 2015) - $1,200
         Stafford Water District #8 (formed 2014) - $1,017
         Pavilion South Street Water District (formed 2010) - $1,158